• 13: my favorite number
  • 12: my class number
  • 11: number of people I've kissed
  • 1O: number of groups I have on facebook
  • O9: number of gifts I got this christmas
  • O8: number of places I've lived in
  • O7: numbers of books I bought and didn't read
  • O6: number of schools I've gone to
  • O5: month of my birthday
  • O4: age in which I first started to read
  • O3: times I passed out from being drunk
  • O2: number of languages I'm fluent in
  • O1: number of surgeries I've gone through
dec 31 2011 ∞
dec 31 2011 +
user picture Lara: Amei!!! jan 5 2012
user picture Jules: Legal né Laa? Pode fazer uma igual se vc quiser, eu ia gostar!! jan 6 2012