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✉ october → blue period's anime release! / ice cream on a rainy day / satisfaction from ticking off things on your to-do list / watching cowboy bebop! / taking walks during the morning / after life (1998) / chainsaw man got an award! vv happy! / i wish (2011) / timelapsed the sky this morning :")) / aurora new music! / these silly little dances while listening to music, this act of making my body a home

✉ september → the promise of a beginning. waves of possibilities, of learning & unlearning. / passing my tasks on time! yay! / thankful for the chance to talk and share our love on poetry even just online. wonderful feeling to experience. / writing exercises! abba new music! learned a lot in a webinar! / my youngest sister's smile. so, so bright and genuine and childlike / i am overcome w the music of everything. the sounds of everything. of nature, of life, of laughter. so thankful to be able to revel in these tunes. this is one of the many things that ground me, this intricate feeling / there's the soft patters of the rain & music playing in my device. my senses are okay. / sleeping at last. six. / the movement of water & moss & the movement of love in ourselves. / played cookie run & undertale for the first time last week! i'm having fun! / became a registered voter last saturday!

✉ august → 'there is time. you just have to let your body love what it loves. you just have to exist.' / taipei story (1985) / maborosi (1995) / learning to be in tune with myself, while being reminded that not every thought defines your whole being. it is okay. / banal routine of bathing my sister, yet finding joy & gentleness in doing so regardless. / shoplifters (2018) / a four-hour video call with friends. light-hearted & with little to no tense nor strain; it feels as if lying down on a hammock after a tired day with the people you care about surrounding you. there is no pressure. just laughter. / cloudwatching, reminding me that small moments can matter so much / my sister's child-soul. her innocent wonder & appreciation of all things, especially the small. / happy old year (2019) / mary is happy, mary is happy (2012) / my discover weekly playlist! / videoing more than twenty minutes worth of cloud-watching. my sister greeting me hello for five times. me & my brother laying on the grass, naming each cloud, shaping it with our imagination. / the shared emotions of excitement, dread, & anticipation between friends preparing for college exams. / mangoes. / clara's new vlog!! she's back!! / reconnecting with the strokes & day 6's music / laying on the grass, eyes towards the sky. saw two capsule-like figures on the clouds; mystified, but curious to know what it is. / dancing with my sister. / giving thanks to the universe. to the music. the people. the ones who encourage my writing. the ones who continue despite, despite, despite. giving thanks for the hope for love. giving thanks for my being. giving thanks for the listening, the sharing, the embracing. giving thanks for the f(g)ood. giving thanks for the sake of giving thanks. / bodies of ocean / house cleaning!

✉ july → hopeful aspirations / lovely online encounters / millenium actress (2001) / belladonna of sadness (1973) / the red turtle (2016) / city pop & mangoes / reverence for clouds / first blog article! / hospital playlist / manwhas / shunji iwai / ocean vuong / playlists / cloud watching / relearning my love for reading / affirmations, reassurance with the comfort of friends / the joy you find in listening to playlists while going about your day

✉ june → read three books / blue period poem / chainsaw man pv release / brimming with ideas for fics, non-fic, poetry / first ekphrastic poem / getting to know astrology & poetry / a blooming love for literary letters, indie journals, art / rekindling wonder for aurora / first tries on sites (d/w, medium) / delightful first encounters with natasha king, molly brodak, & sean shearer's works

✉ may → birthmonth / summer break / a farewell org assembly / children's books article / first fanfic / gifting books as a love language / a beautiful love for birds (a favorite are eagles)

may 7 2021 ∞
oct 24 2021 +