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I am Fruzsina, an ordinary, nineteen years old girl from a small Hungarian village, Várgesztes. I am amused by high fashion and photography, so I like wearing trendy clothes and going everywhere with my camera in my freetime.

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A lot of people are dreaming about a journey around the Earth. So am I. I wish I had enough money to travel around the planet to discover every wonderful piece of it. This list contains countries and cities I would love to see just in one day.

  • Austria: Graz, Salzburg
  • Egypt: Cairo, Giza, Hurghada
  • England: Bath, Birmingham, Cambridge, London, Winchester
  • France: Avignon, Calais, Dijon, La Rochelle, Lyon, Marseille, Metz, Montpellier, Reims
  • Germany: Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Munich, Potsdam
  • Hungary: Aggtelek, Pécs, Szeged
  • Italy: Florence, Milan, Pisa, Pompei, Rome, Venice
  • Netherlands: Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam
  • Scandinavia: Copenhagen, Göteborg, Helsinki, Stockholm
  • Scotland: Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow
  • Spain: Barcelona, Benidorm, Moraira, Sevilla, Toledo, Valencia
  • Switzerland: Bern, Genf, Zurich
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