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My Activities Bucket List and Restaurant/Patisserie Bucket List lists have items that I've already done/been to before, but I just really want to do them/go there again.

Jasmine Rose follows:
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tukutz 2017 (best ig)
  • Never broken a bone
  • Never been stung by a bee
  • Never been bitten by a:
    • Spider
    • Snake
  • Never encountered a BLANK in the wild:
    • Barracuda (I kicked it in it's face)
    • Piranha
    • Shark
    • Dolphin
    • Wild boar
    • Tasmanian devil
  • Never had braces
  • Never needed glasses
  • Never gotten in a car accident:
    • As the passenger
    • As the driver
    • As the pedestrian
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