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My Activities Bucket List and Restaurant/Patisserie Bucket List lists have items that I've already done/been to before, but I just really want to do them/go there again.

  • 1999: Wore my favorite Blues Clues outfit; Blues Clues themed party; surprise party (I was very surprised)
  • Mother woke me up at midnight and presented me with a PS2
  • Begged Mother to drive through heavy snow to the only GameStop in the area that had only one console of the Wii left
  • 2011: In Italy, on a boat, headed to Sicily
  • 2014: Combined birthday party on the 14th with my friends. Random old couple gave us $100 gift certificate to pay for our dinner.
  • 2015: Made strawberry shortcake and did karaoke~~ (my friends threw whipped cream at me...>.<)
  • 2016: Made mille crepe cake with SJ~ Honestly da best~ (day before); party friends threw me a fab party, then after party, then another after party~ 21st twas crayyy
  • 2017: Made a raspberry chocolate mousse cake (Three layers of mousse-from bottom to top: dark chocolate, raspberry white chocolate, white chocolate. The bottom layer was a brownie. Decorated with chocolate shavings and our chocolate creations.)
  • 2018: I had work then a late business class with a special visitor for discussion. I asked her to join me for dinner afterwards, and now we're best of friends.
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