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an obstacle’s blocking me, I need the courage to break through and wake me up from this dream

  • a: aline, art, affection
  • b: brooklyn 99, beach, bungo stray dogs
  • c: cake, cookies, caramel, chocolate, communism
  • d: dogs, dragons
  • e: eyeshadow, everglow, earings
  • f: fruits, flowers, frank ocean
  • g: girl groups, glossy lips, gravity falls, g dragon
  • h: horses, hello kitty, honey
  • i: ice cream
  • j: jo serim
  • k: kissing, keroppi
  • l: lee taeyong, lipstick, lovecore
  • m: makeup, music, marx, molang, maria bethania
  • n: napping, nct
  • o: orange juice, ozuna
  • p: pink, pizza, pineapples, politcs
  • r: red, rainbowcore
  • s: soda, salad, strawberries, sanrio, skincare, sweatpants
  • t: teddy bears, tigers, turtlenecks, tea
  • w: white
  • y: yellow
  • z: zion-t, zico, zolita
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