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  • how to say NO.
  • how to stand up for myself
  • how to be mataray
  • the look a man gives you when he is checking you out
  • distinguishing when a guy is interested in more than being friends (or when he's just horny)
  • money comes and goes but you can never buy time
  • being a student IS easier
  • how to commute by myself (without relying on a boy)
  • work hard for money but also let your money work hard for you (i.e. invest wisely!)
  • how to let go and accept that some things won't change or that i can't control everything
  • that speaking in straight english makes you sound more impressive and believable (i.e. for work/professional matters)
  • that i should be nice to everyone! you never know if the stranger you're talking to is actually a psycho with a hit list trying to avenge on past bullies. always be nice
  • also, being nice = favors
  • how to stop obsessing and investing in things i have no control in (i.e. media: television shows, fictional characters, celebrity couples)
  • how to be more tolerant of my parents and older people, in general (tip: the really old ones just want to hear "Yes", they hate being told that they're wrong!)
  • how to use my femininity to get favors done for me (hehe! need to practice/exploit this more!)
  • you can't rely on anyone but yourself
  • a little make-up goes a long way
  • how to walk in heels (and the difference they make)
  • that cliche of "i'll always be there for you" isn't really true. your friends or boyfriend can't always be there for you when you need them. sometimes they have drama of their own to deal with
  • that i won't be young and skinny forever so i have to stay healthy and be active (eat well, engage in sports!)
  • that there are a lot of stupid, close-minded people in the world
  • that TOLERANCE goes a long way
  • that a smart person is a dime a dozen but the real difference that counts is discernment
  • that most of the time, it's nothing personal
  • patience, patience, patience!!!
  • that in the end, everything will be okay
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