Sign ups: March 4 - March 18

Sample Submissions: March 19 - April 2

Selection Period: April 2 - April 16

Artists announced: by April 21

Creation Period: April 22 - June 17

↳ Check in: May 13 - 20

↳ Works due: June 17

[Works collected into PDF - approx. one month]

Pre-orders: TBD

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  • What is the title of this zine?

The zine title is "Vrepit Sa"; the phrase used by Galra soldiers as a military salute

  • How many artists will be featured?

That amount is to be determined depending on overall interest.

  • How much will the zine cost?

Prices haven't been finalized yet.

  • Will there be zine bundles?

Yes, there will be a zine bundle available for purchase.

  • Can I purchase this zine if I'm younger than 16?

We will not and cannot check for buyer's age so technically, yes you can. However, please do so at your own discretion; all...

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  • Who can participate in this zine?

This zine is limited to artists. Sorry writers!

  • What are rating limitations for this zine?

This zine is 16+, meaning mild gore, violence, and/or blood is allowed; however no NC-17 content such as porn or other overtly graphic work is allowed (i.e. guts spilling out of someone).

  • Can I participate in this zine if I'm younger than 16?

No, you cannot. We will not check or demand proof of age but we request that you are honest with us and only sign-up if you are 16 or older.

If we (the moderators) find out that a potential participant has lied about their age, their sign up will not be counted. I...

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  • What if I can’t finish my piece by the deadline?

Contributors are welcome to drop out anytime, whether it be during the application, judging, or creation process as we know life can busy. However, we do ask that you consider other commitments carefully before confirming you can work on the zine.

  • Can I post my full piece online once I’m done?

You can post previews (snippets) of your work but we ask that you refrain from publishing your full piece until after pre-orders closed and all orders have shipped.

  • Can I include pairings in my work?

No, pairings are not allowed for the purposes of this zine.

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