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I like lists, flannel, sleeping in, corgis, potatoes, and poetry. And the rest is what the lists are for.

  • librarian (dad)
  • director of inclusion initiatives (try to figure that one out) (mom)
  • accountant (aunt)
  • nurse (cousin)
  • police officer (cousin's husband)
  • lawyer (cousin and cousin's wife)
  • retired cemetery maintenance worker (uncle)
  • army and air force, various titles (grandfathers, uncles, father)
  • retired telephone company employee (grandpa)
  • secretary (aunt)
  • housewife (aunt/grandmother)
  • artist (cousin)
  • counseling psychologist (mom)
  • construction worker (uncle)
  • director of hospitality services at a hospital (aunt)
  • women's prison guard (mom)
  • farmer (great-grandfathers)
  • computer programmer (uncle)
  • seamstress (grandmother)
  • miner (great grandfather, great uncles)
  • counselor at a mental institution (dad)
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