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U only have to read the ones with # in the title to follow

Vinnie/Malik follows:


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  • @duckiemoth is an angel


  • I thought I found karkat but they left Insta so idk


  • Cesar (@sasukeofficial)


  • idk


  • none


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Dave Strider:

  • Was from a doomed timeline that we couldn't fix.
  • Dirk was my fraternal twin but we still looked pretty similar.
  • Dirk, (beta) Bro, and I lived in the apartment from the comic originally, but moved to California in my preteens.
  • I don't really remember how I met Karkat but I had a super instant crush on him the moment we met (I was kinda into ppl who hated me but hey it worked out in my favour).
  • John and I were fwb for a while in our teens but that stopped when things got too crazy with like space and shit.
  • I was extremely mentally fucked up and completely repressed my early childhood. I only have memories after like age ten.
  • Our Bro wasn't the worst but he kinda just neglected us while he fucked ppl and pa...
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