• Georgia&Giovanni's Charleston
  • Anita&Gleb's Paso Doble THIS IS TRULY AMAZING!!!!!
  • Anita&Gleb's Jive honestly Gleb's choreo is insane- check 1:03
  • Kellie&Kevin's Samba such a fun routine; samba x hiphop concept
  • Jay&Aliona's Argentine Tango THIS IS MY FAVE AT EVER ITS SO SEXY
  • Jay&Aliona's Jive honestly so iconic
  • Helen&Aljaz's Salsa
  • Georgia&Giovanni's Samba Gio's hips are insane wtf
  • Sophie&Brendan's Charleston
jan 31 2016 ∞
jan 31 2016 +

im geeeeee / 18 / live in the uk

i'm studying law at univeristy

one day i want to be an air hostess (idk it's just something i've always wanted to do lol) then probably go into law

i'm really interested in architecture

sep 3 2015 ∞
nov 8 2015 +

"don't believe in success. rather than that, believe in the amount of your effort and passion" - seungri

"i would rather show people how i've grown up little by little through my personality" - seungri

"an open mind is the secret in making friends" - seungri

"an eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind" - mahatma gandhi

"when haters are insulting you or us, don’t look down. don’t let your crown fall just because of them. we love you." - bigbang

"kill them with success and bury them with a smile"

"be happy. be bright. be you."

sep 3 2015 ∞
sep 3 2015 +