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“sim, eu preciso de ti, meu conto-de-fadas. pois és a única pessoa com quem posso falar sobre a sombra de uma nuvem, sobre a canção de um pensamento — e sobre como, quando fui trabalhar hoje e mirei uma girassol esguia na face, ela sorriu-me com todas suas sementes.”


a ti, meu amor

“mother cannot guide you

now you’re on your own

only me beside you...

still, you’re not alone.

no one is alone. truly

no one is alone...

i wish –

i know...

mother isn’t here now

wrong things, right things

who knows what she’d say?

who can say what’s true?

nothing’s quite so clear now

do things, fight things

feel you’ve lost your way?

you decide, but

you are not alone

believe me

no one is alone, no one is alone

believe me, truly

people make mistakes

fathers, mothers

people make mistakes

holding to their own

thinking they’re alone

honor their mistakes

fight for their mistakes

everybody makes

one another’s terrible mistakes

witches can be right, giants can be good

you decide what’s right, you decide what’s good

just remember:

someone is on your side

our side

someone else is not

while we’re seeing our side

our side

maybe we forgot

they are not alone...

no one is alone

someone is on your side

no one is alone...”



“perhaps i had a wicked childhood

perhaps i had a miserable youth

but somewhere in my wicked, miserable past

there must have been a moment of truth

for here you are, standing there, loving me

whether or not you should...

so somewhere in my youth or childhood

i must have done something good

nothing comes from nothing,

nothing ever could

so somewhere in my youth or childhood

i must have done something good...”



“with so little to be sure of

if there’s anything at all

i’m sure of here and now and us together

all i’ll ever be i’ll owe you

if there’s anything to be

being sure enough of you

makes me sure enough of me

thanks for everything we did

everything that’s past, every thing's that's over too fast

none of it was wasted, all of it will last

everything that’s here and now and us together

it was marvelous to know you and it’s really through

crazy business this, this life we live in

can’t complain about the time we’re given

with so little to be sure of in this world

we had a moment, a marvelous moment...”



“careful the things you say

children will listen

careful the things you do

children will see and learn...

children may not obey, but children will listen

children will look to you for which way to turn

to learn what to be

careful before you say: ‘listen to me’

children will listen

careful the wish you make

wishes are children

careful the path they take

wishes come true, not free

careful the spell you cast

not just on children

sometimes the spell may last

past what you can see

and turn against you...

careful the tale you tell

that is the spell

children will listen...

careful the things you say

children will listen...”

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