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vincent. he/it. 17 (2004).

  • enxp 7w8 (unhealthy type 7, average type 8) - aquarius sun, virgo moon, scorpio rising - choleric - the magician
  • gay and polyam, aroflux
  • autistic + bpd + ocd + more, psychotic symptoms ... brainfcked
  • MtM + man related
  • fluent in eng/intermédiaire en français (il/ile pronoms en français, mots masculins)
  • aspiring tattoo artist and irl slasher villain

lover of horror and cynical weirdo. i love alternate reality games and male manipulator content, i enjoy being a creep. i make lists as a compulsion so this site is perfect. proud t4t malewife, will graham's cinematic parallel.

  • (i struggle with memory issues so most of these lists will not be complete)
  • ✧ = favorite


  • if you plan on interacting with me, note that i am frequently standoffish and rude, intentionally or not. i will not change this.
  • no dni. the list of people i don't like is far too complex to warrant explanation. use your critical thinking skills. i hard block people who annoy me
  • personality/mannerisms change a lot. this is due to bpd. pay me no mind.
  • questionable morals. sorry about that.
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