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these all are chanbaek fanfics that i've read (so far from ao3, aff, live journal, and thread twitter)

(im gonna put another ship fanfics here like wangxian from mdzx, dazai x chuuya from bsd, kuroken from hq, and mikayuu from ons)

i listed it based on it's alphabet so you should read the sections correctly

happy reading<3

thechanbaekli... single father baekhyun (secret pregnancy)
single father chanyeol (secret pregnancy)
royalty au (updated jul 25, 2019)
arranged marriage
friends with benefits (one night stands)

Every evening they walk home together, Kuro smelling of salt and suntan lotion, Kenma’s hands sore from scooping ice cream all day, and it feels nice. Peaceful.

He’s glad Kuro came, after all.

Just a bundle words of Kuroo taking care of Depressed Kenma. (My own summary bcs it has no summary</3)

“You’ll wait for me?”

Kuroo ruffled Kenma’s then jet-black hair. “Always.”

Chasing. That was the word he was looking for. He felt like he was always chasing after Kuroo, and sometimes, times like this, he felt like his best friend was completely out of reach.

When Kuroo Tetsurou drunkenly proposes to his best friend Kozume Kenma during the midnight release of Kenma's first ever video game, Kenma doesn't think anything could be more embarrassing.

But when the proposal ends up going viral, Kenma's forced to confront feelings about his friend that he's kept locked away for a long time.

When Kenma was 13, he swore to himself that he would never, ever get star tear disease.

Three years later, he met Hinata Shouyou.

Kuroo sees Kenma with glasses for the first time.

Kuroo first confesses when they're sticky-fingered, wide-eyed kids, and subsequently every day after that. Kenma takes a while to come around.

The man standing before him shuts the door, kicking off his shoes. Then he removes his helmet, and it’s Kuroo, it’s Kuroo. It’s Kuroo.

Kenma rushes forward, leaping onto his best friend before Kuroo has a chance to set down the helmet. He drops it with a soft curse, but then his arms are around Kenma, and he’s holding him close, as Kenma presses kiss after kiss against the side of Kuroo’s head.

“I almost lost you,” he whispers desperately. “I-I thought I did.”

Kenma was just waiting for Kuroo to leave him behind. Kuroo was just waiting for Kenma to find someone more interesting.


Day 1: Comfort

5 times Kenma confesses to Kuroo (and one time he does it for real).

After a chance meeting during a meteor shower, Kuroo and Kenma begin to have strange dreams. Dreams that feel just a touch too real for them to simply ignore. //Kuroken Reincarnation AU

“Even if it is kind of adorable, it’s also a little worrying how easily you get fevers.”

“You know, I never used to get fevers before I met you.”

“…Correlation doesn’t imply causation?” - Or, five times Kenma got a fever and the one time Kuroo did.

Kuroo is moving away tomorrow.

It’s when they are sleeping, like this, and the world is just this room and the two of them, Kenma listening to Kuroo snoring softly, just friends becomes unbearable.

Kenma is terrified of having Hanahaki Disease at ten years old, so he opts for the only known procedure that will save his life.

Kuroo can't accept that.


Kenma loses the ability to love again, and Kuroo refuses to take that laying down.

Kenma has severe pregnancy cravings, and Tetsurou's wallet suffers.

Once he pieces together why it looked so damn familiar--that’s when he felt anxiety creep up his spine, mixed with many other emotions. Like Denial. Because he knew exactly who had the matching mark, and he didn’t need much confirmation.

It was a small black cat silhouette, turned to the facing the left with its tail curled under it, black as the inky sky.

Just like the one Kuroo had.

Everyone always tells you not to give your name to a faerie, but nobody ever told Tetsurou not to give his heart.

Alternatively: How to bargain with a faerie and accidentally fall in love.

Kuroo had always been there, and Kenma, rather stupidly, assumed he always would be.


/ˈstadik/ adj. : 1. lacking in movement, action, or change; 2. concerned with bodies at rest or forces in equilibrium

n. : crackling or hissing noises on a telephone, radio, or other telecommunications system.

He hadn't taken it well when Kuroo went away.

Kuroo Tetsurou, head of the Sports Promotion Division of the Japan Volleyball Association asks the world famous Kodzuken to be his business partner. Special terms and conditions may apply.

soulmate /ˈsəʊlmeɪt/ • noun A person who was made from the same star as you.

// Kuroken AU where the last words your soulmate will say to you appear on your skin when you turn 16, and how Kenma and Kuroo learn what this means over the course of their lives.

How boring it would be to love someone perfect.

"Please, Kozume-kun?" the third girl says, now that Kenma has seemingly checked into the conversation. "What does Kuroo-senpai like?"


"Volleyball," Kenma says shortly, ignoring their annoyed little sighs, and returns his expression to the screen. He's died. Figures.

After that he starts paying attention. More attention to the social aspects, at least. Kenma always pays a fair percentage of his attention to Kuroo. He sort of demands it. And. Kuroo does get a lot of female attention.

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