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"Reach out & touch somebody's hand; make the world a better place if you can." ~One love~

Kimberly follows:

Universal Love is love for all sentient beings, not necessarily affective love but just a genuine wish for others to be happy whether we know or like them or not. It is love with no expectations of getting something in return. It is letting others be "right," holding our tongues if we feel the urge to lash out, reaching out to help, inspire, comfort, or uplift, wanting the best for everyone, not trying to force people to be a certain way, putting others before ourself. Here is a list of songs that convey a message of that kind of love. <3

  • The chain of love - clay walker
  • Ordinary angels - Craig Morgan 
  • If the whole world had a front porch - Tracey Lawrence 
  • Compassion - Universal Wisdom Foundation/Science and Buddhism 
  • Everything is beautiful - Ray Stevens
  • Love train - the O'Jays
  • Imagine - John Lennon 
  • Everyday people - Sly & the Family Stone
  • We just disagree - Dave Mason 

(this isn't really a song about universal love but it involves a component of it, being kind and loving even when someone disagrees, acknowledging that the other person isn't bad or wrong.)

  • All I Really Want to Do - Bob Dylan

(this song has a similar message to the above song, in a way)

  • Higher Love - Steve Winwood

(this song is like about all encompassing love, love for the world, life itself, deeper love)

  • Get together - the Youngbloods
  • Share the land - the guess who 
  • Mano a. Mano - Hall & Oates 
  • Where is the love - black Eyed peas
  • Keep Loving - Nimo/empty hands music
  • Makoto No Ai - Gregory Davis 
  • All Over the World - elo
  • Stone Cold - 20/20
  • Universal Love - Pato Banton
  • To my people - an ode to humanity -Nimo/empty hands music 
  • Grateful: A Love Song to the World 
  • Being Kind - Nimo/empty hands music 
  • Planting Seeds - Nimo Patel
  • Stoned Love - the Supremes
  • Love is the Answer - England Dan & John Ford
  • Opus 17 - The Four Seasons - This is a romantic love breakup song but the man sends an incredibly selfless message even in the midst of his pain, letting go and setting his love free, wanting that person to be happy even if he isn't the source of her happiness. He admits his pain but doesn't try to hold her back, even encourages her to go if it will bring her more happiness. Isn't that beautiful?! The best kind of love is utterly selfless love. <3
  • Prayer - Nimo
  • Beautiful - Nimo
  • Graduation - Nimo
  • Love One Another - Steve Green
  • Compassion (Change the World)- Andrew Witt
  • Love & Compassion - Parachute Club
  • People are People - Depeche Mode
  • Universal Love - Edward Maya
  • Universal Love - Disperse
  • Universal Love - Paul Luftenegger
  • Love One Another - Steve Green
  • All Together Now - The Farm
  • From a Distance - Bette Midler
  • Freedom for the World - Paul Anka
  • Look to Each Other for Love - Bill Withers
  • What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
  • Caravan of Love - The Isley Brothers
  • Harvest for the World - The Isley Brothers
  • Like to Get to Know You Well - Howard Jones
  • Heal the World - Michael Jackson
  • Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson
  • What the World Needs Now - Dionne Warwick
  • If Only I Could - Sydney Youngblood
  • Love Shine A Light
  • Beautiful song!!! <3
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  • “Let our love shine a light, in every corner of our hearts.” <3
  • song about Compassion
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