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she's motivated by displays of affection and gives them effortlessly, 'cause pleasing the beloved ones is her agenda as well as spending all of her money in those lay's chips, goddamn pretty clothes and artsy stuff for her room. the fact that she is captivated by all kinds of beauty definitely doesn't go unnoticed. dedication may be the most accurate synonym for her and it's mirrored in her projects, personal relationships with others, even in how well-done her eyeliner cames out to be. also, over-sensitive at its finest, so people should make sure they're showing as much appreciation as she is. introversion makes her more perceptive towards surroundings. she has this cat that is hella cute and her videos always makes my day. needs reassurance and validation constantly, if you're not up to it then you just shit, srsly. recognize how important her fa...

nov 20 2018 ∞
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