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  • if we are mutuals, PLEASE tag cancer (this one is Really important to me), death, suicide, nsfw like p0rn, gore, etc.
  • don't bother with following me if u use 'cancer' as a joke * i tag nsfw stuff (though i rt it rarely), if u need anything tagged, lmk!!
  • hmu if u want me to tag anything specific or if u see me post something disturbing for u without tagging it!!
  • if we're mutuals and talked at least few times, feel free to ask for my Skype/LINE/discord/battletag/anything i come up with??
  • i tend to like mutuals tweets A LOT, lmk if that bothers you!
  • although i love making friends, being mutuals with someone doesn't magically make us BFFs, it takes some time for me to consider someone A Friend; a little talk from time to time will do though! I just hav...
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  • im heru, im 22 years old, she/her
  • i live in Poland
  • studying special education - second year
  • i love animals, especially cats and guinea pigs!!
  • i love my friends and talk abt them/with them a lot! i'm just affectionate lol
  • very affectionate and open once i get to know u better, but can also be quiet at times
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  • guinea pigs
  • cats
  • cute things like tea parties, pastel/decora aesthetics, cute food/sweets
  • video games (especially Overwatch and Stardew Valley these days)
  • anime
  • cartoons
  • cooking
  • haircare/skincare
  • makeup
  • mental health
  • self-love
  • planning
  • traveling
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