hey there~ thanks for having me.I've got a couple of things in mind in terms of what I like, but please don't worry too much about it! They're just things to help get your creative juices flowing.

General things I like:

  • astrology
  • astronomy
  • crocheting! i think it sucks that characters don't tend to have cute hobbies like this. maybe have them create something to attract the other person's attention? or have a meet-cute moment?
  • food! food from everywhere, beautiful descriptions of food
  • city life

General things I don't like:

  • explicit sex stuff (gore-ish details i'm okay with!)
  • soulmates (sorry i'm just not that big of a fan of this trope ><)
  • a/b/o
  • anything too kinky (but if used like. for comedic effect and not too much i'm pretty good with it!)

That's all there is really, I hope you enjoy writing <3

sep 20 2018 ∞
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