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so you were never a saint and i loved in shades of wrong, we learn to live with the pain, mosaic broken hearts ★*·˚・。.・゜☾・.・☽・゜・☼

  • "heal yourself. you deserved to be healed"
  • "you're not friends. you'll never be friends. you'll be in love 'til it kills you both."
  • "when he died, all things swift and beautiful and bright would be buried with him."
  • "i hope you heal from the things you don't talk about"
  • "only the strong survive."
  • "psychiatrists tell you not to bottle up your feelings because they'll eventually explode. they're not wrong. i've been angry for months. it feels like i've been angry since the beginning of time."
  • "i always feel sad for the girl i was"
  • "in the end, we'll all become stories."
  • "you have married an icarus he has flown too close to the sun."
  • “i am a garden of black and red agonies"
dec 12 2020 ∞
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