• chelle, 1996, they/them, mixed, lesbian
  • aquarius sun, scorpio moon, cancer ascendant.
  • infp/j, type 9 + 5w6, neutral good, melancholic, ravengryff
  • i'm....shy... and i either tweet 439428 tweets a minute or like once a week there's no in between. i also tend to hyperfixate and my interests are generally all over the place i'm sorry
  • i like atla/lok, flowers and plants, fairy tales and mythology, animal crossing, collecting stationary, the sky, gudetama, and peaches
  • i hate fanwar bullshit and i don't actively comment or engage in any of it because it's pointless and exhausting. if something is really really bad i will probably say something but not anything like "x can't sing lol" because there's no need. and generally i would prefer to not see my timeline clogged with that negativity either



  • TAGS: trypophobia, gore, horror, death (graphic death)
    • i have some whack paranoia so i really would appreciate if you tagged because odds are i will get nightmares and have genuine trouble sleeping for days or weeks
    • let me know if there's anything you need tagged or if i'm tagging something wrong!
mar 13 2016 ∞
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