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This is just a page for those who like to know more about people before following on social media.

  • Ashley || 24 || ♀ || ISFJ
  • Multi-fandom Twitter.
  • Gaku oshi
  • MidoriP • WataruP
  • I will post spoilers sometimes.
  • I like to live tweet.
  • If you think Eichi is the worst character ever then bye.
  • I'm not a fan of NSFW art so if you start posting a lot of that then I will unfollow.
  • I type in caps lock a lot.
  • I'm pretty defensive of Shoujo manga as a demographic.
  • I never soft-block genuine followers.
  • I talk about idol games a lot.
  • If I send you a reply and it disappears quickly odds are I'm correcting a typo
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