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"I'm half-and-half. Me dad's a Muggle. Mom didn't tell him she was a witch 'til after they were married. Bit of a nasty shock for him."

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Twenty-five potions well worth knowing by heart.

  • Ageing Potion
    • ages the drinker to various ages, depending on the amount taken.
  • Amortentia
    • the world's strongest love potion does not create real love, as it is impossible to manufacture or imitate love, just powerful obsession.
  • Blood-Replenishing Potion
    • regenerates lost blood.
  • Bruise-Healing Paste
    • a thick yellow paste used to heal bruises.
  • Burn-Healing Paste
    • an orange paste used to heal burns.
  • Developing Solution
    • used in the developing of magical photographs, making them move.
  • Essence of Dittany
    • regrows skin over a wound.
  • Elixir to Induce Euphoria
    • a sunshine-yellow potion which induces a sense of inexplicable, irrational happiness upon the drinker, with occasional side effects of excessive singing and nose-tweaking (but adding peppermint counterbalances these).
  • Felix Felicis (also known as Liquid Luck)
    • a "molten gold" potion that makes the taker successful in all their endeavors, however, if taken in excess the potion causes giddiness, recklessness, and dangerous overconfidence, and it is highly toxic in large quantities.
  • Garrotting Gas
    • an invisible gas that knocks people unconscious.
  • Girding Potion
    • gives the taker extra endurance.
  • Elixir of Life
    • extends life, but requires that the drinker consume it regularly for all eternity if the drinker is to maintain their immortality.
  • Sleekeazy's Hair Potion
    • makes hair more manageable.
  • Hate Potion
    • shows the drinker's worst traits and habits to the administer.
  • Invigoration Draught
    • gives the drinker an energy boost.
  • Invisibility Potion
    • makes the drinker invisible.
  • Manegro Potion
    • causes hair on drinker's head to grow out rapidly.
  • Murtlap Essence
    • a yellow solution of strained and pickled murtlap tentacles that soothes and heals painful cuts and abrasions.
  • Dr. Ubbly's Oblivious Unction
    • heals wounds given by thoughts.
  • Pepperup Potion
    • cures the common cold.
  • Draught of Peace (or Calming Draught)
    • relieves anxiety and soothes agitation; calms a person down after they've suffered a shock, trauma, or emotional outburst.
  • Gregory's Unctuous Unction
    • causes the drinker to believe that whomever gave the potion to them is their best friend.
  • Veritaserum
    • the most powerful truth serum available, (three drops would have the drinker spilling their innermost secrets), this colourless, odourless potion (which looks like plain water) forces the drinker to tell the truth.
  • Wideye (or Awakening) Potion
    • prevents the drinker from falling asleep; awakens from drugging or concussion.
  • Wit-Sharpening Potion
    • enhances the clarity of thought of the drinker.
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