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no one never learns how the witch became wicked, or whether that was the right choice for her — is it ever the right choice? does the devil ever struggle to be good again, or if so is he not a devil?

may 5 2020 ∞
jan 28 2021 +

and although your keen eye keeps its own vibrant utopia in extensive expansion among your stars, it denotes your magnetic sweetness, of which when there is knowledge there is no escape from the apollonian beauty. come and remind me of your smell, the one that fills my lungs in a gasp, taking my air as if I were severely dependent on it to breathe in peace. stupor of my far-fetched and pulsating peace, present yourself before the cerulean light, therefore your bow almost as golden as the melanin of which my pupil delights in a friendly glimpse, i long to stab kisses that engrave your texture on me. authentic purple morning light, allow me to adapt to your superb warmth, contesting your bravery in taking me as yours — for this soul only you will exist throughout eternity, only your lips will I covet.

may 5 2020 ∞
may 5 2020 +