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xander follows:

~ ❋ xander // 18 // nb (gendervoid); ae/they/she ❋ ~

❀ you can call me jing (靖) or laura too!!

❀ american chinese (hk + s.china)

❀ cancer (070700), enpf, chaotic good

❀ i hyperfixate so i mostly focus on one thing/interest at a time sorry lol

kpop ( bgs +ggs), mobage (enstars, llsif), anime/manga ( bnha , dgm , dna, vnc), makeup, making food, making/playing music (viola, chinese music, singing), fencing

(ensemble stars)

❀ interests in ongoing

jan 8 2017 ∞
jan 7 2019 +

i need tagged

  • eating disorders (especially anorexia)
  • body image (pictures)

what i tag

  • everything above
  • suicide
  • body horror, gore, abuse (including eye horror)
  • homophobia/transphobia
  • nsfw/rape
  • slurs (f*g, tr*nny, racial slurs)
  • d*ddy kink (i really try not to tweet about it though)
  • sudden loud noises
  • flashing images
  • graphic gun violence (tagged as guns)
  • emeto
  • menstruation
  • irl blood

how i tag things → tweets: ///TW __ ///

jan 8 2017 ∞
may 10 2017 +

before you follow

first order of business

  • i don't tag any of my interests
  • please read my tw, dfi, and mental illness lists
  • i hate discourse unless its satirical otherwise keep me out of it lol


  • tweet/rt heavy and not spoiler free
  • lots of selfies im cute as shit
  • like my tweets if u see them? ur not obligated to tho


  • i'll unfollow if u dont return the mutual bc anxiety
  • probably won't follow ↓15/↑21 but u can follow!!
  • won't follow if there's no link or any info on ur acc
  • softblock when u unfollow!! don't gotta t...
jan 8 2017 ∞
aug 10 2018 +

don't follow if

  • basic dfi criteria (transphobic, homophobic, bi/panphobic, racist, ect... just don't be a headass)
  • use slurs even in a joking way, including rat (yes, it's a slur!)
  • use appearance/weight as an insult or a joke (i.e calling your friends fatties or ugglies)
  • mock eating disorders, depression, anxiety, mental health
  • tell people to go die or kill themselves as a joke
  • joke about triggers like "im so triggered lol u triggered me"
  • fetishize/idealize e.asians
  • you use an e.asian name but are not e.asian
  • openly and excessively hate my faves or interests (i don't tag them...)
  • ZERO tolerance for excessive discourse/fights!!
jan 8 2017 ∞
may 6 2017 +

@JenissiUnion - fanbase for kim taeyang

❀ mutuals can ask for my locked accounts (i have like 3), but i might decline... please don't take it personally, it's for both of our comfort since it's so personal


instagram (its really just stuff for locals tho)

finsta (lmao also mostly locals)

~ any mutual can ask for skype, snapchat, line, phone number, or talk to me via dms!

jan 10 2017 ∞
aug 10 2018 +