amazon wishlist

home (a lot of the things in the home category are more of like, inspo for what i wanna buy, so if you're reading this don't feel like you only should get exactly what i list down lol)

random things

  • a cute picnic basket
  • a cute picnic blanket
  • soft blanket
  • any cute and colorful vintage knick knacks
  • clothes!!!! especially dresses, sweaters, jackets, long sleeved tops, corset tops <3
  • shoes !! casual heels, ultraboosts, crocs bae clogs, jeffrey campbell loafers.. i wear size 7.5
  • art prints that you think fit the vibe of my room
  • picture frames
  • nice quality/soft bathrobe
  • uber eats giftcards... LMAO

beauty products

  • a nice big bottle of perfume.. i really like replica and i use flower market but i'd love to try another scent! i'm not picky lmfao
  • zendo eyeshadow palette
  • pat mcgrath perma precision liquid eyeliner
  • i wanna try out different eyeliners like... gel ones and different colors so if you have any recs i should try help a sister out
  • setting spray... i don't really die by any brand so as long as you like it and that it's not as much on the matte side (more glowy/dewy)
  • cream highlighter
  • dior brow styler in universal dark brown
  • eyebrow tweezers
nov 22 2021 ∞
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