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i need this because i can't remember shet 99.9% of the time tbh

dirah follows:
  • 10-15k xiuchen au in which jongdae's an aspiring digital photographer and minseok likes to paint during his free time. well that was a very vague summary but so far i have 9k so i'm getting somewhere!!!
  • hopefully a 10k taoris fic (time machine!au) in which kris builds a time machine in hopes of bringing his dead friend, tao, back to life. it works, however, there is a slight catch (unoriginal but worth a shot i guess)
  • 10k or so android!au fic for taohan, in which luhan receives an android named tao as a birthday present. like all other androids, tao's only purpose is to serve his owner. but when luhan starts to mistreat tao (NOT physically), he retaliates.
  • maybe a 5-6k? train!au for taohun, where they plan on meeting up at a train station. they haven't seen each other since sehun moved to another city right after grad...
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  • K-ON
  • lovely complex
  • kannon
  • clannad
  • skip beat!
  • howl's moving castle
  • blood+
  • ayashi no ceres
  • rurouni kenshin
  • myself; yourself
  • emma
  • kuragehime
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jul 13 2013 + Sweet Surprise (Kai/Kyungsoo; PG-13; romance) Kyungsoo's surprise for Jongin goes terribly, terribly wrong. Of Handjobs, Avocado Masks, and Mandarin Lessons (Kris/Chen; NC-17; smut, humor) Chaos ensues when Yifan doesn't know how to act when around Jongdae so Yixing steps in to help. Risque (Baekhyun/Chanyeol; NC-17; smut) Chanyeol can safely say he hates Baekhyun. Punishment (Chen/Xiumin; NC-17; smut) Jongdae didn't think Minseok would get this upset. How to Become Tumblr Famous (Kris/Lay; implied Sehun/Luhan; pg; humor, crack) Yixing finally makes a tumblr account and Jongin, Luhan, Tao, and Minseok give him tips on how to be famous. Like a Doll (Sehun/Luhan; nc-17; romance; smut) Sehun's the manager of Macy's and Luhan is his personal mannequin, complet...

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  • Like Smoke; G; 10k words Summer. Ever since that year, he’s always looked forward to summer.

  • One More Time; NC-17; 4,255 words Tao wasn't Kris's only toy, but he was definitely his favorite.

  • Breathe like the sky, live with a smile; PG-13; 9k words In which, halfway through their senior year, three friends decide to go on a soul-searching trip around South Korea—or at least, Yixing wants to go. Lu Han is simply too easy to convince and Kris doesn’t know how to turn them down.

  • prime dedication; PG-13; 2,619 words Zitao is an antisocial freak who coops himself up in his room, breathing in the essences of the Kris tag on Tumblr.

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i have no idea when i'll actually get around to writing these but i can only try

  • krisbaek (in which Kris is a regular customer at a cafe and falls in love with his waiter, Baekhyun.) for ray
  • hansoo (Luhan and Kyungsoo are best friends. of course there needs to be smut) for charliebnim
  • krisho (Kris and Suho are dog owners, they met at the dog park when Kris got his first dog (he didn't want to pick up the dog poop and it was loitering so suho picked it up for him and that starts their ~epic friendship turned romantic relationship~) for ray again lol
  • baeksoo (angst based off of Tina Dickow's Sacre Coeur) for jiji
  • krisbaek (Baekhyun never thought that dating Kris meant sharing him with his best friends. Sometimes he wonders if Kris hasn't fall in love with their little group ...
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  • taohan - in which tao and luhan like each other but are too shy to admit it so their friends (can be anyone really) try to set them up together, however things end up terribly than they expected.
  • taoris - tao meets a friendly ghost named yifan after moving into his 'haunted' apartment. thankfully he's not scared of him in the slightest.
  • krishan - roommates au in which yifan's a hard working freshman who spends most of his time behind textbooks while his roommate luhan likes to spend time behind parties and alcohol. however, yifan doesn't mind taking care of him once he returns back to the dorms all spent.
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sep 14 2013 + (Kris/Tao; nc-17; 350 w.; smut) Tao thinks he finally has Kris under his skin (Kris/Tao; g; 332 w.; angst) Wufan hates crying, he really does Making History (Kris-centric; Kris/Tao; Kris/Lay; g; general, angst) In which Yifan breaks down into bits and pieces during and after the Billboard Awards. I'm Coming! (Sehun/Luhan, PG-13; failed humor, general) Because Luhan and Sehun are horny little dolphins and Yifan wants to kill them for that. Just Perfect (Xiuchen; g; general, slight angst, slight fluff) Minseok has too many insecurities and too many things to live by but Jongdae thinks he's absolutely perfect. Too Much to Handle (Tao/Kris humor; pg-13) Kris is so handsome that Tao could just punch him in the face. Literally. Never Let You Go (Tao/Luhan; g; general; slight fluff) Zitao's suffering from fat...

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