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hey im cherii or just rii and haha pizza bing bing wahooie party *clown honk* *does three backflips*

rii follows:

•this is just what started as a little list of all my favs from various series that i like. mostly for me bc memory issues but anyways check out my fantastic taste

•monogatari series: oshino ougi (id kill or die for her any day for any reason she's so fucking cute 10/10 seriously shes #1 here for a reason i fucking LOVE her. i want to be ougi's body pillow thats my dream)

•touhou project: yakumo yukari. hands down. that's it.

•my own ocs: nonne and ria. theyre cute... really, really cute... especially together... im always thinking about them. literally always. my willpower is the only thing stopping me from posting about them literally 24/7. id simp for--

•fate series: billy the kid, yan qing and enkidu. nobunaga design-wise. i also have a soft spot for MOST OF the fsn/zero cast. however, i hate waver forever and always. fuck you waver

•houseki no kuni: antarcticite, rutile at some point i think, maybe phos once back when phos was still phos.

•bang dream: all of harohapi and basically everyone honestly they;re all good

•bang dream pt2 (actual music they make that i like best edition): 1. harohapi 2. popipa (i listen to them way more than anyone else tho tbh) 3. pasupare 4. roselia 5. glitter green 6. morfonica 7. afterglow 8. ChiSPA 9. RAS

•kagerou project: asahina hiyori but also all the girls and Definitely Kano he's my boy

•medaka box: kumagawa. im predictable what can i say. didnt help that most of the cast just sucked, also. seriously, by the end i was just dragging myself through it with bleeding fingertips as my mind begged me to stop. terrible manga

•zaregoto: i refuse to engage with any other nisio stories. thanks though! im sure that tomo or whatever is great but like. no

•orange juice: star breaker, mira, suguri+hime (do not separate them), and i have forgiven sumika for 200% so she's allowed to be here now

•ffxiv: cyr and riol, also the twins

•naruto: sai, unsurprisingly. i also like kakashi because that's a requirement for being a naruto fan

•sonic: silver and shadow.

•sanrio: my melody and kuromi bc much to kuromis chagrin they are NOT to be seperated

•puyopuyo: maguro simply bc hes such a funny character in both concept and execution. rafisol is my other fav for obvious reasons if u know me. i like doppel arle and ecolo too of course.

madoka magica/magireco: ria ami solely bc she's hilarious and shares a name with one of my fav ocs (and looks slightly like her too). i also like mami because she shares a VA with ougi. (yes its that simple) ikumi gets to be here too now bc she's cute. iroha is good too. and all of mikazuka villa tbh.

durarara: aoba, his bullshit was hilarious. i also like namie and izaya ONLY because theyre huge freaks. im a kid at the circus i just want to watch them be freaks like how a kid watches clowns. i want to throw peanuts at them. also of course i like celty, as does everyone (but not in the way where i'd try to cuck shinra LIKE SOME OF YOU)

•persona 3: minato is best boy but also hamuko, aigis, and AKIHIKO. honestly i really love the whole p3 cast. i could never dream of writing character development as good as junpei's. if youre one of those people that think yukari is a bitch, dont talk to me ever

•persona 4: i want to obtain yu narukami's dance skills. teddie and naoto tie for first, rise a good too. after replaying it two times consecutively upon its pc release ive decided yukiko is really good too. and nanako and dojima of course. and naoki even though he's ugly. kou is a bastard

•persona 5: ive never play p5 and never will but i like akechi from his design/what ive seen of him and think joker's design is super cool. dont really have opinions on any of the other PTs but i detest morgana.

•kid icarus: dark pit, who is also my smash main. he's cute.

•kemono friends: kaban, serval, i miss you

•granblue: sandals, sen, orchid, and zwei even though i dont know anything about her. also medusa because she shares a VA with ougi (it will always be that simple)

•nier: dad nier>brother nier but also i just really like the entire cast of gestalt. kaine emil weiss and nier are all so great

•ive never played automata. sorry. maybe one day

•fire emblem: my specific gordin in feh and chrom's unpeeled orange. stop fucking asking me to play three houses its not fucking happening you pricks. i drew edelgard for the notes thats it leave me ALONE

•rwby: all of team rwby. i like weiss the most but design wise my favorite is ruby in the first few seasons. WHAT ARE THE NEW DESIGNS THOUGH THEYRE SO BAD (<-- written about season 7)

•neruke: E is really cute.

•jjba: giorno is best jojo. i dont know shit about part 7 or 8 and refuse to touch them due to hatred from overexposure. and also i think gyro is super-duper ugly and i hate looking at him

•xenoblade: shulk is a good boy who didnt deserve all that. i like the whole cast, even zanza. everyone's just written so damn well.

•black rock shooter the game: white rock shooter, stella, and the can of cherries. nana is a good nugget too tho.

•kekkai sensen: leo + black + white (and secretly the despair guy whatever his name was. he did some cool stuff. i think. its been a while sorry i just like the op+ed i barely rember the anime)

•komi-san: osana najimi. i actually barely care about komi herself sorry for being a fake fan

•show by rock: all of plasmagica really and this is a fav list but also i detest shuzo and i want to annihilate him. i want to grind shuzo into dust. every time i see him i get instantly aggravated. i want that twink OBLITERATED

•tanaka-kun wa itsudemo kedaruge: tanaka. i relate to him mentally spiritually and physically. if i ever had a gun to my head and was being forced to choose an anime character to kin, it would be him

•mystic messenger: in order, jaehee, 707, jumin, ray, elizabeth the 3rd, saeran, zen, vanderwood, rika, yoosung, very big gap, edgy saeran, V

•love live: in order, nico, hanayo, honoka, rin, umi, eli, nozomi, kotori, maki

•love live aquors: riko i guess, ehhhhh, hhhhh, yeah sorry i dont like aquors. not-hanayo's oyasuminasan song was good tho

•love live nijigasaki: in order, kanata, ai, kasumi, rina, ayumu, setsuna, shizuku, karin, emma.

•revue starlight: in order, kaoruko, karen, claudine, hikari, nana, futaba, junna, maya. for non-seishous, yuyuko is good. and uh. um. shiori i guess. idk i barely play the mobage sorry

•hamefura: everyone's favorite is bakarina. almost everyone is good, i liked keith till he decided he wanted to marry his sister. i want maria to marry bakarina...

•blazblue: hazama and terumi because nif told me they were the worst. i dont know who they actually are because i dont actually know anything about blazblue other than that ragna needs to take a nap.

•snake eater:

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