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hey im cherii or just rii and haha pizza bing bing wahooie party *clown honk* *does three backflips*

rii follows:
  • this is just gonna be a fun little list of all my favs from various series that i like (mostly so that /i/ can remember them all. i have a VERY bad memory so please go easy on me)
  • monogatari series: oshino ougi (id die for them any day theyre so fucking cute 10/10 seriously theyre #1 here for a reason i fucking LOVE them)
  • touhou project: yakumo yukari
  • fate series: billy the kid (but also shirou/emiya. and original artoria. and enkidu)
  • kara no kyoukai: shiki but also ryougi shiki and i think 「Ryougi Shiki」 is cool too
  • houseki no kuni: antarcticite
  • bang dream: tsurumaki kokoro but also all of harohapi.
  • bang dream pt2: 1. harohapi 2. pasupare 3. popipa 4. roselia 5. afterglow 6. guriguri 7. ras
  • kagerou project: asahina hiyori but also all the girls and Kano
  • ffxiv: cyr and riol no joke theyre such good boys
  • naruto: sai, unsurprisingly
  • sonic: silver the hedgehog AND shadow the hedgehog. if youre mean to silver ill block you
  • puyopuyo: maguro simply bc hes such a funny character in both concept and execution
  • persona 3: minato is best boy but also hamuko, aigis, and AKIHIKO are the best too
  • persona 4: i want to be yu narukami or at least get his dance moves. teddie at 2nd place that bear is fantastic. naoto a good too
  • persona 5: looking cool, joker! (akechi also best tho) (ive never played persona 5 or even watched a playthrough however)
  • kid icarus: dark pit, who is also my smash main
  • kemono friends: kaban i miss you
  • granblue: sandals, sen, orchid, and zwei even though i dont know anything about her
  • nier: dad nier>brother nier but also i just really like the entire cast of gestalt. kaine emil weiss and nier are all god tier
  • ive never played automata
  • fire emblem: my specific gordin in feh
  • cookie run: matcha cookie, millenial tree cookie, wind archer cookie
  • rwby: all of team rwby, but design wise my favorite is ruby in the first few seasons
  • neruke: E is really cute.
  • jjba: how do you even pick favs in jojo. everyone is so funny and over the top literally all the time, even the villains are half the time
  • xenoblade: shulk is a good boy
  • black rock shooter the game: white rock shooter, the can of cherries
  • kekkai sensen: leo + black + white
  • komi-san: osana najimi
  • show by rock: cyan is cute
  • tanaka-kun wa itsudemo kedaruge: tanaka
  • prince of tennis: echizen ryoma
  • my own ocs: nonne

•snake eater:

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