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out here using listo in 2018 bc i don't know how to code for shit

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  • hannah
  • female, she/her
  • 21
  • july 25th
  • mobage
  • video games
  • occasional ocs
  • i love making new friends so if you want to talk, don't be afraid to send me a dm or reply to any of my tweets!!
  • feel free to dm or @ me in any art of my fav characters/ships i appreciate that so much!
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jul 26 2018 +
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  • i am slightly selective with my follow backs i'm sorry
    • especially if you don't have any sort of about page i can read
  • follow requests are always okay if i'm ever locked!
  • i am very tweet/retweet heavy
  • i try to interact with my mutuals but i'm super shy ;;
  • i try to tag stuff and like tweets if you ask to but i forget all the time so don't feel bad about reminding me!
  • please softblock when breaking the mutual
  • please do not follow me if you fit the basic dfi criteria (homophobic, racist, transphobic, ship incest/pedophilia, etc.)
  • i probably won't follow back if you post excessive amounts of kpop
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aug 31 2018 +
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  • cute: noriko, kozue, shiki, nana, sachiko
  • cool: nono, syuko, asuka, layla, anya
  • passion: kirari, mika, yuki, yoshino, reina
  • sweetches, magiquartet, lipps, little pops, individuals
  • ankira, mikamiho, shikifred, shinana


  • kanon, moca, lisa, ran, himari, tsugu, tomoe, misaki
  • afterglow, harohapi, roselia
  • misakanon, mocaran, yukilisa, tomohima


  • roller/brush main
    • splat/gold dynamo roller & octobrush nouveau
  • mutuals can dm for switch fc!


may 15 2017 ∞
sep 6 2018 +