A review is a critical evaluation of a product or service or event. THESIS: Everything else you write supports this overall position.

  • Skeleton
  • Background/Summary
  • Plot - Flow, Conflict
  • Characterization
  • Art
  • Enjoyment/Final Thoughts

Kyou no Kira-kun - Chapter 1

  • Drawn in by art, never heard of author previously... terribly written summary on manga aggregate sites.
  • Art - Looove Nino's hair. Kira's a bit awkward. Amazing emotion conveyed near end.
  • Conflict
    • To MC: "I hate you"
    • "I want to change"
    • Exploitative "gonna die soon?", more emotion?
  • Characterization
    • Kira shallow?
    • Crazy mom and dad
  • Enjoyment - Great... enjoyed art more, but end ramps up. Sensei a nice twist.

Kujaku no Kyoushitsu - Chapter 1-2

  • BG - Fan of Mitsuba
  • Conflict -
    • To MC: "I hate you"
    • "I hate x, but I will associate with x!" - Back to normal shoujo?
  • Characterization - Still early, but shallow at best
    • Bad boy with a nice smile!
    • Second one that don't really care
    • Sincere girl
    • Main character - ??
  • Art - fan of unique clothes, expressions always a little bit off, lot more streamlined, but loses beautiful details.
  • Enjoyment - Loooow, a bit of disappointment. Lack of content already making you (or me) ask how romantic conflicts sort themselves out. Feel like chapter 2 is a one-shot to help sort out personalities but comes across a bit superficial.

Nounai Poison Berry - Chapter 1-2

  • BG - Fan of Mizushiro
  • Conflict
    • Artfully weaves anxious air, goes through inner dialogue amazingly well
  • Characterization
    • Difficult to remember who is who. Stereotypical character designs to help?
    • Council interactions are HILARIOUS
  • Art
  • Enjoyment - Great. Enjoyed more than anticipated. Inner monologue/dialogue? done extremely well. Relate-able, who hasn't has these thoughts? Tension from chapter 1 dies down a lot.
aug 7 2012 ∞
aug 7 2012 +