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  • Born: October 14th 1987
  • Parents: Mark and Becky
  • I was named Heather because they didnt want my name to be shorted into a nickname like ashley = ash
  • I go by Heather Jo more often than not....Jo is my middle name, after my great great grandma Josephine Buttler (my dad calls me Josephine)

My favorites

  • movie: Ever After
  • Disney movie: Beauty and the Beast
  • Favorite Colour: Yellow
  • Music: little bit of everything, but specificaly: Tim Be Told, Norah Jones, Fiest, Holly Brook, Andy Davis, Dave Barns, John Mayer, or anything with simple piano
  • Sport: Football
  • Activity: dancing or kayaking
  • Food: Eggplant Parmesan or Lemon Ricota Pancakes
  • Season: Sring or Fall
  • My major is Ele. Edu. with a Reading minor.
  • I enjoy sitting on the dock by my house
  • I love putting together geneological peices
  • Jan. 18th 2010 will be the 1 1/2 year mark for my boyfriend * Eric Martin Chalko whome I love very very much *blush*
  • I like to take long walks, photography, Jack Vettreiano art, cooking, zumba class, cuddling, day dreaming, cleaning, organizing, and being random hehe
  • I giggle a lot and put "hehe"s or "haha"s after typing
  • When dreaming it is usually about the worst case senario for that current situation and involves me pulling some Lara Croft move outa my arse.
  • I don't think i really have a style.
  • One of my biggest down falls is that I have a really hard time asking for help or being in debt to someone/something.
  • I am scared to death of spiders and scared (but not as much) of chickens
  • The remote control is know to me as the "mote"
  • Dark Chocolate is my first love
  • Refresh Tea at Starbucks is my second
  • I've partaken in Locks of Love twice
  • Work seasonaly for Disney as a parade performer
  • I am an only child...but not a spoild one and HATE when people associate that when they first find out
  • I hate when people say english is the national language
  • As a child I was a big tomboy
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