• Tearduct surgery, they had to be opened at 1 year old
  • Between birth and about 4 years old, several fever-sizers which usually led to an ambulance run/hospital stay.
  • Right arm pulled out of place and had to be popped back at 3 years old when I yanked away from Mom cleaning my face.
  • BAD BAD chicken pox at 4 years old and hospitalized for 1 week, during Christmas too boo...
  • Broken tailbone via Basketball game in 7th grade.
  • Wisdom teeth cut out as a Junior in High School...during spring break.
  • Several sessions to put more curvature in my upper spine, it was too straight, when I was a freshman in College.
  • I am allergic to mold, dust, grass, two different types of cemicals and its kinda weird but makes me laugh every time....cockroaches.
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