• will i be a good teacher
    • the fact that they are changing the stupid licensure for teaching and all I want is to be a COUNSLOR, but need this first :(
  • my parents getting older
    • I know its going to happen, but sometimes I can tell more than others and it scares me.
  • eric's health...all that needs to be said. *crosses fingers that the guy at IU can help!
  • forgeting to pay a bill some day
  • if something is or isnt spelled correctly
  • if i will be able to have lil rugrats
  • If i will be a good parent
  • being n debt
  • can we afford the wedding
      • we r really cutting it close to budget
  • what if he doesn't get a job, where will we live
jan 11 2010 ∞
jan 2 2012 +
user picture Court: I have all of these worries, too. Especially not being able to have kids (I don't know why this would happen, but ya never know...) mar 10 2010