• Its next to the Ohio
  • I've gotten to meet some great people and lasting friends!
  • It is the perfect size...(small enough that I know and say hi to most of the people as I walk to class, but big enough to have concerts like plain white tees and dashboard.)
  • The flowers they have landscaped or in pots alllllll over campus during the spring/summer/fall
  • The fact that all of the buildings have been built 1965 or sooner and are constantly being updated.
  • The cost haha
  • That its usually 10 degrees warmer than back at home
  • Dr. Hamon, Dr. Berridge, Mrs. Otto, Dr. Slavkin, Mr. Sandrick,and Miss. Andersen
  • When someone puts bubbles in the fountain
  • The new add-on to the rec.
  • The gazebo and labrynith areas
jan 11 2010 ∞
jan 11 2010 +