I love:

  • his humor, and how it meshes with mine.
  • that I can trust him.
  • that we both want to eat organic.
  • that he drives me to be a healthy person.
  • how he has a great family that seems to like me just as much as I like them!
  • his voice.
  • his bed time stories.
  • his music style.
  • his hair. *giggle*
  • his little facial hair swirl on his cheek.
  • that he can finish my thoughts 300 miles away.
  • when we can text or call each other at the same time.
  • when he takes my hand.
  • our 'story'.
  • watching him do his magic tricks.
  • that he knows how to push my buttons to a certain point.
  • that I know when he is doing the above.
  • when he kisses my forehead.
  • the way he holds his hands on his chest when sleeping.
  • his impressions.
  • that he can't go in the exit door.
  • when he plays piano. (free style)
  • that he has perfect spelling.
  • how tall he is.
  • when he gets protective. (ie: when a resident is lying and I know it)
  • that he is a cat guy....(I just think its cute)
  • how he loves me and would do anything within his power for me.
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