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  • aformentioned read leather pixie boots from 1982
  • denim jackets and lumberjack shirts
  • orange lipstick and backcombed hair
  • old lady perfumes in atomisers
  • classic chanel twinsets
  • big national health service spectacles
  • thomas the tank engine and friends
  • bruce forsyth; I will be gutted when he dies, he's the granddad of everyone in england
  • high waisted 50s knickers
feb 3 2009 ∞
feb 5 2009 +
  • moving to paris for university is now confirmed
  • to study french literature and philosophy
  • because quintissential england exists only in my own heart and mannerisms
  • the prospect of real, strong coffee is tantalising, after years of having to ask for two extra shots in this watered down society
  • i wish this could come sooner, but at the same time, i'm terrified of growing up.
jan 24 2009 ∞
jan 24 2009 +
  • darjeeling is nice
  • but it tastes like english breakfast, which is cheaper
  • chai tea, peculiarly named as 'chai' means 'tea' in india: tea tea is mildly spicy and delightful
  • tea bags are saddening, especially those shaped like pyramids; tea should not be geometric
  • teapots induce happiness
  • you can then have tea for two
  • it is awful that the best tea company in england is going out of business.
jan 24 2009 ∞
jan 24 2009 +
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  • hardwood floors, whitewashed walls, high ceilings
  • a lampshade from morrocco
  • a revolving bookcase
  • that bookcase being devoted to the virginia woolf back catalogue
  • an antique hat stand
  • with lots of hats
  • a beaded curtain as an homage to 1970s brothels everywhere
  • an antique vanity table, painted white
  • a drinks cabinet with lots of cut glass bottles and absinthe
  • a worn out, scribbled upon copy of joyce's 'portrait of the artist as a young man'
jan 24 2009 ∞
feb 5 2009 +
  • revised the entire of IB biology; I haven't even reached genetics
  • bought some more chai tea, but I can't get to tesco because of the snow
  • found that last packet of cigarettes which I know is in my drawer somewhere: see snow above
  • should not have smoked the last one, evidently
  • taken photos of my beautiful thrifted red pixie boots to gloat
  • attempted to fix my wobbly bookcase
  • dusted off my snow covered wellington boots
feb 3 2009 ∞
feb 5 2009 +
  • to the lighthouse // virginia woolf
  • one flew over the cuckoo's nest // ken kesey
  • the waves // virginia woolf
  • ulysses // james joyce
  • madame bovary // gustave flaubert
  • l'├ętranger // albert camus
  • antigone // jean anouilh
  • lolita // vladimir nabokov
  • crime and punishment // fyodor dostoevsky
  • brighton rock // graham greene
  • jacob's room // virginia woolf
jan 24 2009 ∞
feb 5 2009 +