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  • 90210 season 3
  • 90210 season 4
  • vampire diaries season 2
  • vampire diaries season 3
  • veronica mars season 3, last ep
  • 10 things i hate about you season 1, ep 18
  • infinite youre my oppa
  • beast's maid english episode


  • inception
  • the last song
  • knight and day
  • vampire sucks
  • ramona and beezus
  • charlie st cloud
  • you're so cupid
  • scott pilgrim vs the world
  • easy a
  • life as we know it
  • you again
  • tangled
sep 7 2010 ∞
aug 23 2011 +
user picture vi: vampire diaries s2 starts tomorrow (in the us)! :D sep 8 2010
user picture nabila.: oh reallyyy? thats awesome ! and i didnt know you watch vampire diaries ! (:
user picture vi: yeahhh i had only seen the first ep and then came in halfway through on tv :P.. ill be watching the 2nd season when i come back to saudi ! sep 14 2010
user picture nabila.: haha, did you start watching it yett? (: sep 21 2010
user picture vi: yes i did! first 2 eps 8D, you?
user picture nabila.: oh darn ! i wanna start it this weekend, but that will keep me of track from bio stuffs, and its already bad enough gumiho is distracting me !
user picture vi: maybe you should wait until gumiho is finished and then marathon all the eps of vampire diaries :P, sometimes its funner to watch stuff all at once!
user picture Karina: life as we know it is sooooo good by the way! jan 15 2011