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"i'm not sure what i'll do, but - well, i want to go places and see people. i want my mind to grow. i want to live where things happen on a big scale" - f.s fitzgerald

angela follows:
adena missing
vera currently
yunnie (wild and lovely)


  • a film about coffee (hulu)
  • chef’s table - series(netflix)
  • cooked - four-part series(netflix)
  • cowspiracy (netflix)
  • fed up (netflix)
  • food choices (netflix)
  • food evolution (hulu)
  • food inc. (netflix)
  • global waste (netflix)
  • in defense of food (netflix)
  • jiro dreams of sushi (netflix)
  • soul (hulu)
  • sustainable (netflix)
  • theatre of life (netflix)


  • animal fight night (netflix)
  • before the flood - ayyyy my man leo (netflix)
  • blackfish (netflix)
  • mind of a chef - series ... season one is the best bc dave chang(netflix)
  • planet earth (netflix)
  • planet earth ii (netflix)
  • rotten - series(netflix)
  • somm: into the bottle (netflix)


  • history's greatest hoaxes (netflix)
  • pbs secrets of ... (london underground, tower of london, mi6, etc.)(netflix)
  • the mitfords: tale of two sisters (netflix)

global affairs/current events

  • flint town (netflix)
  • girl rising (netflix)
  • he named me malala (hulu)
  • how to change the world (netflix)
  • poverty inc. (netflix)
  • the white helmets (netflix)
  • under the gun (hulu)
  • under the sun (netflix)


  • grand designs (series better than hgtv)(netflix)
  • the world's greatest hotels (netflix)
  • the world's most extraordinary homes (the hosts are kind of annoying but the homes are stunning)(netflix)


  • freakonomics: the movie (hulu)
  • happy (netflix)
  • hot girls wanted: turned on (a series that looks into the adult industry, some episodes are better than others, the one i probably enjoyed most was the first episode "women on top")(netflix)
  • imposter (netflix)
  • inside job (netflix)
  • lore (amazon prime)
  • making a murderer (netflix)
  • minimalism (netflix)
  • page one: inside the new york times (hulu)
  • pornocracy (amazon prime)
  • tales by light (netflix)
  • the art of the steal (hulu)
  • virunga (netflix)
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