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  • Drawing. =D I'm an obsessed doodler.
  • Music. My first love. <33
  • Taking photos. It's just as good as a diary.
  • History. I'm obsessed with anything from the past.
  • Food. Uhhhhh... in general...
  • ...Especially chocolate... =3
  • ...And sushi... *DROOL*. Salmon and ginger is my fave. <3
  • Jokes. I don't take anything too seriously. ;3
  • Fashion... all different kinds. But I'm no trendoid, heh. O_<
  • Collecting... well... uhh, anything, really.
  • Coffee-table books. =D
  • Rock magazines.
  • Psychedelia.
  • Shoes. Yeah, I guess that goes with fashion, but... yeah. I just have a bad shoe fetish.xDD
  • Swimming. Yep, bit of a water baby 'ere. xP
  • Making lists. x3
  • Photographs.
  • Anything that reminds me of my childhood. Songs, pics, whatever. Anything nostelgic!
  • Muppets. x3 All. The. Way.
  • Theatrical makeup.
  • Mucking around on Photoshop. Or Lightroom, depending.
feb 3 2010 ∞
feb 7 2010 +