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  • He's a very versatile musician. He's multi-talented and can play a number of intruments.
  • Beard or no beard, long hair or short hair, Dave Grohl is and always has been very high in the "mmmrrrowwwwrrr" factor. ;3
  • Since the dismissal of Nirvana, he's drummed with the likes of Tenacious D (aaaaannnd, if that wern't cool enough, he played the demon in the "tribute" video clip!!), Mike Watt, Tommi Iommi, NIN, Queens Of The Stones Age, Pete Yorn, Killing Joke and Garbage. Oh, and some band named Foo Fighters.
  • On Bowie's 'Heathen' album, he played guitar on "I've Been Waiting For You".
  • He's a good actor (see: any Foo Fighters clip. Esp. "Evermore", "learn to Fly", "Long Road to Ruin", et etc).
  • He has a sense of humour. A bloody good one, at that. (Footos', anyone...?)
  • Foo Fighters have been dubbed The Last Classic Rock band, and fairly so. In the words of Grohl, in 'Classic Rock' magazine: "We've graduated from Classic Rock?? Is someone going to baptise my beard??!"
  • He's actually a fan of classic rock, too.
  • Crooked Vultures = win.
  • ...And so does Probot.
  • When Zep were doing the reunion show at 02, there were rumors consederning who would be the drummer, and it's said that Grohl had been considered.
  • He also has a love affair with the Led, saying if he was asked to drum for them he'd definately do it.
  • The Foos have played with Rush and Queen.
  • Huey Lewis and his harmonica got up on stage to encore with the Foos in Japan.
  • And Grohl joined Tom Petty on 'Saturday Night Live'.
  • The Foos have lived on the edge and made a double-album ('In Your Honour'). It garnered them 5 grammy nominations. Oh, and John Paul Jones of Zep showed up to play mandolin and piano.
  • He's the happiest man to ever grace the stage, really.
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