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any pronouns, but she/her are preferred + please use feminitives



sun virgo,moon aries,asc scorpio

non-binary and bisexual,minor,support all brunches of feminism


u fit basic dfi criteria(homo/transphobe, misogynist, racist,eiblist, ageist, etc.)

u sexualize women and minors, watch porn/hentai, "sex work is work", use slurs,use "loli", "milf", "dilf", etc.

u ship real ppl, ship pedophilia and incest

u believe that misandry and heterophobia exist

u hate my favs and kins

sep 14 2021 ∞
sep 14 2021 +

i'm new to twitter and i'd be glad to find mutuals!!^^ i don't usually start a conversation first but my rps and dms are open!!

i usually tweet about my life and fandoms, maybe sometimes i'll write smth abt feminism and participate in discussions but probably i'll do it suuper rarely bc i easily get tired of this kind of stuff

u don't have to use tone indicators to me but i'll use them u if u need to

sep 14 2021 ∞
sep 14 2021 +

main fds:bnha,evangelion,genshin impact

also like:death note,elfen lied,bsd,aot,tokrev

yay:autumn and winter,humanitarian sciences,women,night,Japan,playing guitar and singing,languages(currently stadying japanese and english),energy drinks,meditating,sleeping

nay:heat,starights,school,math, liver,alchohol,mean,stupid and tactless people

fav characters: aizawa shouta,shinsou hitoshi,baji keisuke,hu tao,ayanami rei,yanfei etc.

kins:um idk really but maybe yanfei,hu tao,shinsou and asuka

sep 14 2021 ∞
sep 15 2021 +