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She/they - 20 - Ultimate Homie

A passive aggressive dork, with a love for pastels and grudge. Some view my humor as hilarious, and i'd have to agree with them. Known for being salty, and acting tougher than i actually am.

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Elysian ~ Beautiful or creative, divinely inspired. ~

    • Natasha Negovanlis.
    • Deer.
    • Drawing, and raging over the fact that she cant art.
    • Developing characters.
    • Dogs, all of them.
    • Corgi, husky, samoyed, klein spitz.
    • Grudge, pastels, Hot topic.
    • Friends, just every single one of you.
    • Memes.
    • Sleeping and falling asleep at any given moment.
    • Compliments, despite being bad at accepting them.
jun 24 2017 ∞
nov 17 2019 +