a good day. i almost felt like skipping my first lecture, but i need to keep up my habit of being a good student in order to keep those feelings at bay.

  • went to calc. learned a new way to solve trig functions that didn`t involve memorizing a unit circle!
  • got an a on a bio quiz. natalia sat with me!
  • ended up going to natalia`s dorm and met tao, of whom apparently knows me as the chick with the hair. my hairstyle is kind of distinctive, i guess!
  • had lunch in the dc with natalia, ate clam chowder.
  • went to bio lecture, learned about macromolecules.
  • did a bit of studying in the library.
  • went to core friday, which involved asteroseismology. pretty interesting, and the performances were great!
  • saw christina after not seeing her for a long time. we need to catch up!!
  • had a heartfelt talk with lulu involving religion. i hope she finds her own way.
  • went to a fencing meeting. i`m really nervous!
sep 8 2012 ∞
sep 9 2012 +