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li, 23, agender; location: rednecksville usa

notorious fandom-jumper, multishipper, hopeless mess

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I have several accounts on twitter, which all serve different purposes. what content are you looking for, my friend?

  • main acc, 99% sfw, many meme rts few Real Li tweets: soujihiura
  • anything goes acc, but also the one specifically dedicated to nsfw and Problematic Material; Real Li lives here: kresnikcest
  • personal account; irl and less positive emotions li live here, also the unsolicited dog talk i warned you about goes here: li_esontheground (if we're mutuals and i don't approve your follow req, nudge me! i probably didn't see it)
  • art/fic, if i ever create anything ever again: msmrsmmr (note: i will not see any notifications on this account)


ao3: lies_and_distraction

i run the twewy/subaseka bang every year with my friend kirvee- check it out! subasekabang blog

if you like tox2, here's a discord server dedicated to it! all i ask is that you respect other members and don't start fights over ships: join link

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mar 20 2019 +