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li, 23, agender; location: rednecksville usa

notorious fandom-jumper, multishipper, hopeless mess

li follows:

i'm a big multishipper and that ain't gonna change. but i do have Favored Ships and it is very, very obvious that they are my favorites unless you only know me at my least problematic. a non-exhaustive list:

  • jadeluke (tales of the abyss)
  • kresnikcest (tales of xillia 2)
  • raven/yuri (tales of vesperia)
  • ignoct (ffxv)
  • figarocest (ffvi)
  • main couples of mxtx's novels, but also luo binghe/og luo binghe (that sv extra.....)
  • sorikai and akuroku(+xion) (kh)

if you wanna know more there's another note in the ongoing section lol. but it's long and rambling and its very existence isn't really necessary

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