• blm + racial justice + anti colonialism + anti cultural appropriation (don't be a weeb, don't wear cultural hairstyles and clothes that don't belong to you)
  • intersectional feminism (no terfs allowed)
  • environmentalism
  • medical justice + accessibility
  • education access
  • human trafficking, ending sex work, and ending the porn industry (it's crimes against women and trans people, go to my anti sex work and anti porn tags on my blog. being pro sex work is being anti woman/anti trans)
  • anti capitalist, anti rich people, anti police, anti military

how i get involved and you can too!

  • spread awareness and information
  • share petitions to sign, links to donate, and other ways to help
  • write to people in power to demand justice
  • read books and articles to educate yourself
  • purchase from POC and women-owned business as much as possible
  • purchase second hand clothes and furniture whenever possible (lessens environmental impact and prevents you giving money to big corporations/rich people
  • buy from small businesses rather than rich-owned corporations
  • go to protests if you're physically able
  • volunteer time if you're physically able but not financially able to donate money
  • research local organizations and how you can help!


  • Anti racism/cultural appropriation
  • Anti sexism/misogyny
  • Anti sex work and porn (they're violence against women and trans people and are patriarchal constructs that need to be abolished!!)
  • Anti ableism
  • Anti transphobia and homophobia
  • Anti cops, military, rich people, capitalism, and colonialism
  • Healthcare is a human right
  • Housing is a human right
  • Mental healthcare is as important as physical healthcare (and is also a human right)
  • White supremacy, antisemitism and islamophobia needs to be abolished
  • Pregnancy is NOT a disability
  • Pedophiles, rapists, and abusers need to all die
  • while I’m anti cop, I’m pro prison for violent crimes. I don’t believe it’s possible to rehabilitate and reintegrate serial murderers and serial rapists/pedophiles into society and it’s naive to think it is. Keep these monsters away from innocent people!!! However imprisonment for nonviolent drug offenses, etc, should not be a thing.
  • Veganism is racist (especially towards indigenous people and our ethical cultural practices), ableist (some of us can’t eat any protein but animal because of allergies), and classist (ur probably rich if ur vegan lmao)
  • White cottagecore people and white witches are treading too close to the racist, colonialist, cultural appropriation lines and they need to be very aware of this, educate themselves about it, and be careful not to cross these lines.
  • People shouldn’t use twospirit if they’re not native?? Why do I have to say this??
  • People shouldn't use "special interest" or "stims/stimming" if they're not autistic
  • Don't be a weeb/koreaboo (u can appreciate these languages and cultures but don't be a know it all about it, u don't belong to these cultures, u never will, and it's a privilege for you to learn about them and study their languages)
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