• focus on spanish and canto, brush up japanese and italian
  • study herbalism/plant medicine again, for use in magic and as a future healthcare provider
  • study tarot more, learn more spreads and interpretations
  • study crystals, uses for different kinds, and uses in practice
  • learn about palm reading, tea leaves, astrology, divination, projecting, energy work spells in general
  • build an alter, learn more about the basics of witchcraft and paganism
  • study different types of witchcraft and paganism of my specific cultures (asian, indigenous, celtic, mediterranean, etc)
  • study buddhism and shintoism more
  • do yoga more and integrate stuff from physical therapy
  • learn more about and practice meditation
  • eat more fruits and vegetables, less heavy and processed foods
  • decrease and eventually stop drinking alcohol
  • go hiking and communicate with nature more
  • get daith and maybe orbital jewelry changed
  • get more piercings when current ones are finally healed
  • get lots of tattoos, including little finger tattoos, when practice as a PCP is established
sep 1 2020 ∞
sep 9 2020 +