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  • “I hope this doesn’t sound weird, but tonight when you smiled and the way the light was, I don’t think there is anyone so beautiful.” - Jason (10.23.10)
  • "To: Sire Timothy Hillis | CC: Hannah Burkett, Chief Hero | Subject: Chain of Command | Dear Sire: It has been decided that Hannah Burkett is now the Chief Hero. You will report directly to her. | Sincerely | Michael R. Gulledge, Director, United States Office of Heroes and Villians, Washington, D.C." - Michael (3.19.10)
  • "Hannah, you are a gorgeous woman with an incredible personality and equally stellar heart. Alex doesn't deserve you." - Skye (3.18.10)
  • "Of course, as long as your kids look like you, you're set with anyone." - Gentry (2.8.10)
  • "If you kill Chris there are chocolates for you." - Tim (2.5.10)
  • "Haha well duh. You're so attractive everyone else looks pathetic." - Katelyn (1.30.10)
  • "Yeah I smiled and waved and he did the whole 'I feel really bad but maybe if I wave that makes it better?'" - Shelby (1.29.10)
  • "Ha mail. No." - Tim (12.11.09)
  • "People keep touching my ass. I am not that cute." - Tim (12.11.09)
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