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before you follow...

  • my twitter is a bit RT and tweet heavy
  • account is nsfw free! (i'm underage!)
  • not spoiler free
  • i like to talk a lot about animanga, otoge, mobage, etc
  • i might not follow back right away! i always look at your content first and read your intro/listo/carrd if you have one. it really depends on how you interact with me!

i will probably not follow (back) if...

  • you post/talk/rt about nsfw content
  • you're involved in some kind of shipping war/discourse
  • you post fanart that does not belong to you. you need permission first!!!

i don't like seeing /reading nsfw content in general. :(

don't follow if...

  • you like to cause drama
  • you're homophobic, transphobic, etc
  • you support donald trump...
  • and basically all other dfi criteria

other info

  • feel free to talk to me! i don't bite! i like making friends online and screaming about the same interests ^^
  • will probably follow you (back) if we share similar interests, mutuals, etc ✧
  • if you're mutuals w/ me and you want to break mutuals, you don't have to softblock! just please let me know why or else i'll probably be wondering what i did wrong for a long time... :' D ahaha... i won't get any hard feelings unless we were close friends :(
  • i love to talk with my mutuals & friends! despite the fact that you can see me screaming with my friends online, i have a hard time approaching new people;;
  • if i follow you first and you don't follow in the next few days, i may unfollow(?) as i'd like to have mutuals to talk to ^^
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