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hanma the world

you can get to know more about me and my faves here! please read this before you follow or ELSE

  • mikhail
  • you can also call me kai/mik/mikha. no need for 'kak'
  • they/them or he/him, neopronouns ok. no she/her or feminine terms
  • unlabelled. taken
  • indonesian / english / korean ok
  • sometimes i write, sometimes i draw. usually i shitpost
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animangas + webtoon

  • tokyo revengers: hanma, mitsuya, yuzuha, naoto, takeomi, koko, haitanis
  • promise cinderella: issei
  • haikyuu: tsukishima
  • chainsaw man: denji
  • jujutsu kaisen: zen'in twins, gojo, kamo
  • lost in translation: d.min, wyld


  • gordon maeda
  • yuki yamada
  • hiroya shimizu
  • yoshizawa ryo


  • day6: jae, youngk
  • stray kids: jisung, hyunjin, changbin
  • loona: olivia hye, yves, hyunjin
  • jannabi
  • the rose: woosung
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  • under 15 years old
  • lgbtphobic, racist, sexist, ableist, a zionist. bad person in general
  • engage in fanwars or discourse, any kind of discourse
  • you expect content or constant updates. i am a university student with a part-time job, i have a life outside of writing. please respect that
  • if you hate anyone in my stan list or my ships
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  • tokyo revengers: hankisa, doramitsu, bajitorafuyu, mitsuzuha, taimitsu, hakkamitsu, mitsunui, kokonui, kokozu, yuzuemmahina, maitake, naotake, drakemma, takehina
  • haikyuu: tsukikage, kageyama-centric, yamayachi, ushioi, asanoya, daisuga, kenhina
  • jujutsu kaisen: sugusato, tojigo, nanago, okkoita, fushiita, junpei x yuuji, nobamaki
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  • i don't categorise this account as anitwt, kpoptwt, jdramatwt, though i tweet about those the most. this is a mikhailtwt. i post about all my interests here
  • my account contains yume contents, mainly with hanma and issei
  • not spoiler free
  • i like to interact when i have the time to be online
  • i have notps and triggers muted
  • i do selective following but if you want to be mutuals then just hmu
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