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Hello, my name is Len! I go by the screen-name Lenhi on most social media platforms.


» What program(s) do you use to draw?

I use Paint Tool SAI to draw and Photoshop for some touch-ups before posting

» Can I use your drawings?

You may not repost my work under any circumstances.

You may not use my work if your account is for commercial purposes or if the piece is a commission.

You may use my fan art as a personal social media icon or header, but make sure you clearly credit me.

You don't need to ask me if it's for private use, like a phone wallpaper - thank you for enjoying my work enough to want to see it often!

» Do you take requests?

I only take paid commissions, and you can view my prices here. No, exposure is not payment.

I do have plans to open a suggestion box, but nothing submitted is guaranteed to become an illustration or a sketch.

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